Mrs. Veronica Tangonan

Mr. & Mrs. Tangonan said their I Do’s at the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn. Veronica does not wear a lot of makeup, so I went with light pinks and browns and a light pair of lash strips, which I ended up doubling up in the end. During her consultation, I noticed dead skin cells as I applied foundation on her skin. I recommended an exfoliator along with her skin care routine and alas! Come the day of the wedding, she had flawless and glowing skin. And she loved the double lashes I customized for her. Alison and Patricia were the same, they wore minimal makeup on a regular basis, but Patty was more adventurous with her makeup. She wanted a darker smoky brown paired with her favorite light pink lipstick. These girls looked so fresh and vibrant and beautiful, I can’t stop smiling every time I look at these pictures..