A new Beauty Routine from within.

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So, most of us have a skin care routine right? I’ve had one since the age of 12. Thats why when clients say “Oh my gosh, you look like your in your 20’s!” It’s not just the asian gene, it’s literally because I take good care of my skin.

But ever since I became a mom, I’ve been on the look out for some type of vitamins/supplements that I can take to help improve my health. That’s why I’m glad I came across Hum Nutrition at this years Ipsy Creator Day in LA.

Not only are their products great for you inner health, but most of them are created to support healthy skin. They have a wide range of clinically proven supplements to help with your nails, to increasing your collagen production (hello!) Its Vegan so the products are non GMO- Gluten Free, contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and apparently potent and pure (love getting my moneys worth).

The prices are pretty mid range, one of the most expensive I’ve seen is the “Skin Heroes” $40 for a 30 day supply. But they have packages where you get a discount for buying 3 things, an extra discount if you opt for a “subscription type deal, they also give you $10 off as a new customer, and on top of that you can use a referral code and get another $10 off. You can use mine: 1BB329 (winks).

Collagen Pop

Collagen + Vitamin C Boost Yay!

I was so impressed about what I learned in my research and decided to sign up the same night I learned about them at the event. I signed up for a one year subscription, since I knew I was going to start a supplement routine anyway. Interested? Click here! Don’t forget to use Code:1BB329 to get $10 OFF on top of all the other discounts you’ll get.

After answering a few questions online, I was emailed by a dedicated nutritionist who gave me a little report/summary based on my answers along with her recommendations. Of course, I ended up getting everything and more.

Here’s what I got.

My picks for my first month.

Skin Heroes – Pre+Probiotic – Nurtures the gut and skin (Got this free from the event)

Daily Cleanse – Helps clear your skin and body from toxins

Flatter Me – Supports a flatter stomach and healthy digestion (For all the carbs I eat)

B12 Turbo – Boosts Vitamin B12 ( So I can run around with my son)

Collagen Pop – Premium Marine Collagen + Vitamin C Skin Boost

I took a picture of my skin for my day 1. I will do an update when I am done with my 1st month supply. So excited to start my new beauty routine!


Hum Nutrition is also available at Nordstroms and Sephora.

What supplements are you taking? And what have they improved for you?

Microshading: What is it exactly?


“Microshading”, “Blade and Shade”, or “Combo Brows” amongst it’s other names, is basically a combination of the Microblading and Ombré shading technique. The final look varies depending on your brows, whether you have fine hair, thick hair, or no hair at all, sometimes you’ll see more shading than blading or vice versa. Personally, I prefer this over just Microblading because adding shading to it makes it more blended and natural looking. It can be made dramatic or more natural depending on your preference. To find out if this is the right one for you, I recommend you get an in person consultation with your brow artist. Also, when choosing your brow artist make sure they specialize in the style that you want, there are different variations of Microshading, so picking the artist that does the shape and style you like consistently, will gives you more chances of your procedure going flawlessly.

Microshading prices vary by artist location, training and experience. It can go anywhere from $350 to $1000+ . Micro shading at Beautyholic Studio is currently $450 includes 6-8 week touch up.

Which Eyelash Extension Set is best for me?


One of the most common questions I get specially from clients who are new to eyelash extensions is “What do you think I should get?”. I always respond with an explanation of the differences between the sets, to help them understand and make decision.

Before I begin though, I would like to make sure I stress the importance of being “realistic” with your lash goals. Eyelash extensions are applied on top of your own natural lashes, so if you have 20 lashes on each eye, realistically, about 15 to 18 of that are lash-able. Why can’t all of them be lashed? Well, some of your lashes are thinner, shorter, farther or curlier than the rest, sometimes they grow too high on your lash bed, and sometimes they are facing the opposite direction. Lashing these weak or stray lashes will only cause it to fall out faster or ruin the shape of your set.

Also, how we determine what length and width to apply depends on the condition of your lashes.  Shorter, thiner, more sparse lashes would have to be kept shorter and lighter. While longer, thicker, fuller natural lashes can handle more dramatic lengths and widths. So again, having a more realistic lash goal is best to keep in mind when getting eyelash extensions so you are not disappointed with the result. If “Super Crazy Mega Dramatic Volume” is what you want and your natural lashes are sparse, short and thin, then you are better off with lash strips. Forcing longer, thicker, more volumized extensions on your natural lashes will only  fall off faster and may ruin your lashes altogether.

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume? If you are not a Lash Artist, chances are, these are all just words to you. So, I have created illustrations to help me better explain them:


Staring it off with your natural eyelashes. I made it really simple and clear so you’ll have a better understanding in the following images.



The “CLASSIC” eyelash extension is the most natural enhancement for your eyes.
1 eyelash extension is placed on top of each one of your natural lash. This can be kept very natural by applying thiner, lighter, shorter, less curled extensions. It can also be made more dramatic by applying thicker, longer, more curled extensions. Again all this depends on the condition of your natural lashes.


My personal favorite . The “Hybrid” also, known as “Volume Mix”.  This is a combination of the Classic and the Volume where 1 and  3 or more lashes are placed onto of each of you natural lash.  It allows for a little more drama without making it look to fake or feel heavy.


If you want drama, “Volume” is for you. 3 or more eyelash extensions are placed on top of each of your natural lashes. The lashes that are used for the Volume is smaller in diameter than the ones used for classic. That way more can be placed on top of each of your natural lash with out weighing down. MEGA VOLUME

Well the name says it all! “Mega Volume”, I think this is also called “Russian Volume” I could be wrong. For this set, 6 or more eyelash extensions are placed on top of each of your natural lashes. The lashes that are used for the Mega Volume is even smaller in diameter than the ones used for Volumes, this way even more can be placed on top of each of your natural lash with out weighing down. Results in fluffy, bold, dramatic eyelash extension set.

Now that you know a little bit about the the differences, you can make your decision on what to get. Keep in mind that the prices vary per set. Obviously, the more dramatic (the more time and work for the lash artist) the more expensive.

Also, many of these sets have different names, sometimes a particular brand will die it their own name, so just compare it with the number of extension I illustrated.

You also wanna take in consideration the “Aftercare” for the lashes, the thicker they are the more careful you have to be. And a very important thing to consider is your “Maintenance” this is your “Refill” Most lash places will have their own policy on when and what is considered a refill. Can you keep up with coming in every certain amount of time? And how affordable is it?

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, or if you have a useful information you’d like to add. You can message me on IG @BeautyholicStudio.

This post is based on my experience. I am aware that there are other descriptions/methods out there.

Illustration by me. Daren Romey

You have permission to use my article as long as you credit and tag:
Daren Romey @BeautyholicStudio