Lash Serum, the Answer to Healthy Eyelashes

Lash Serum, the Answer to Healthy Eyelashes

Most women will tell you that if they could only pick one makeup item that they could not live without, they would choose their masccar.  How many times have you heard yourself saying things like “I can’t leave the house without my mascara on’?  Lashes tend to be the single most important aspect of make-up routines because they create a mini-eyelift, giving the face a more awakened and vibrant appearance.

While mascara may be always within an arm’s reach, it is no longer our only option for obtaining the lash look that we crave. Our society’s love affair with eyelashes has spawned an entire sector of the beauty industry which continues to create innovative lash products. 

With so many new products on the shelves, it can actually be difficult to navigate the many new products on the market that promise to grow, strengthen, darken, and rejuvenate eyelashes. However, professionals at Beautyholic Studio  suggest that understanding the aspects of your natural lashes and what it is you’d like to achieve, will help you find the product or service that will achieve your goal.

For instance, if your lashes are damaged, look for products that contain protein, and if your lashes are very fine, pick a product with collagen to plump them up.  Various products offer specific solutions to deficiencies that may be the cause unhealthy eyelashes.

In order to restore as well as maintain lash health, moisture is essential.  Moisturizing is key in keeping lashes in optimum health as without it they are prone to breakage.  Well moisturized lashes tend to hold their own without the addition of mascara, something that can actually cause them to eventually become dry and brittle.

Lash growth serum is a product that is infused with moisturizing components that penetrate the lashes and deliver moisture and essential nutrients that promote growth. Lash growth serum is gentle enough to become part of a daily routine, and can even be used while wearing lash extensions.

Packed with natural extracts, these serums strengthen lashes and protect them from the elements that can cause them to dry and break . Using lash serum may increase the amount of days that you feel confident without wearing mascara, as the eyelashes appear rejuvenated and health.

However, if you simply love the look of your mascara, lash growth serum will provide balanced conditioning for your eyelashes. If you’d like to give lash serum a try, Beautyholic Studio recommends Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields, Grande Lash, Rapid Lash, and Lavish Lash to be the most effective and affordable products on the market. Whether you are a full on eyelash glam girl, or one who prefers to go au natural, or someone somewhere in between, incorporating a quality lash growth serum into your beauty routine will ensure that your lashes are in tip top shape.  Lash professionals at Beautyholic Studio can offer personal assistance on what lash product will help you achieve your dream lash look.

How the Eyelash Growth Cycle Affects Eyelash Extensions

How the Eyelash Growth Cycle Affects Eyelash Extensions

Did you know that eyelashes are more than just a gorgeous accessory on your face? Consisting of sensory fibers, they actually serve an important function that protects our eyes from airborne debris. Eyelashes reflexively shut the eyelid with every blink as dust particles try to make their way into our eyes, and fluids from tear glands running along the edge of the eyelid irritate the eyes, keeping them wet and moist.

Typically, the upper eyelid is framed by 90 to 150 lashes, while the bottom has up to 80 lashes. Like our hair follicles, each lash is composed of 10 percent water and 90 percent proteins including keratin and melanin. These nutrients allow for lashes to grow at a rate of approximately 1.15 mm per day and up to 9 mm in length.

The Eyelash Growth Cycle – Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen

The first stage of the eyelash growth cycle, known as anagen, is when the eyelash is actively growing and receiving nourishment from its follicle. During the second stage, catagen, the hair continues extending, while at the same time begins separating from the follicle. The full separation from the follicle occurs during the third stage known as telogen. The eyelash falls out during the final, exogen phase. The complete growth cycle lasts approximately three months.

Eyelash shedding is an ongoing process and determining the growing stage of each eyelash is impossible. New additions often affect the natural hair growth cycle and it’s not uncommon new eyelash extensions to begin falling out the same day you visit the salon because natural lashes are at the end their growth cycle.

The solution to problems that arise with how the eyelash growth cycles affect eyelash extensions lies in the hands of the technician you choose to perform the task.

Calculating When to Apply Eyelash Extensions

While it’s near impossible to determine the exact phase of growth your eyelashes are in, we always thoroughly inspect each client and use our expert knowledge to make decisions. Eyelash extensions are applied on natural eyelashes when they are transitioning, which means they are in the catagen phase. We never apply eyelash extensions while the lashes are in anagen growth phase because they are too delicate to hold an eyelash extension.

The complete cycle for eyelashes is an average of 100 days for an eyelash hair, therefore we divide 100 by 7 days for 12 weeks. This calculation often provides a false impression that lashes last up to 12 weeks. However, don’t forget that the anagen phase only lasts 30 to 45 days and those natural lashes aren’t ready to hold eyelash extension. Therefore, eyelash extensions can last 4 to 6 weeks when bonded and cared for correctly.

Maintenance During the Eyelash Growth Cycle

At Beauty Holic Studio, we recommend clients come back to us for infills every 2 to 3 weeks. At this appointment we find hairs that have gone from the anagen phase to the catagen phase, which are now strong enough to hold an eyelash extension. Since the catagen phase lasts between 3 and 3 weeks, some of the eyelash extensions applied at first appointment will now be in the telogen phase.

There are many ways to assist in prolonging the life of your lashes, such as using sealers. Eyelash extension sealers form to the bond of the adhesive and lengthen the life of your extensions. You can also properly cleanse lashes to remove excess oils. Talk with your technician about the best way to care for your unique eyelashes. 

Eyelash Extensions in LA and Orange Counties

Once you understand the eyelash growth cycle, find an eyelash technician that applies extensions at the right time for you – without sticking them together. It’s important that an experienced technician performs the infills so that they don’t isolate each natural eyelash or uses too much glue. These careless acts cause natural lashed to detach before the end of the cycle, causing pain and sparse lashes.

Remember it’s normal to lose 1 to 4 lashes per day as natural lashes move through the eyelash growth cycle.  Each eyelash is in a different stage, and with extensions some may stay on weeks, but it depends on the phase that they currently are in. For more information on eyelash extensions and pricing, contact us online for an appointment.

10 Best Eyeliners for your Lash Extensions.

Hey Beautyholics! So one of the most common questions I get asked is what eyeliner to use with your new set of eyelash extensions. Since I don’t have time do my own research and test them all out, I did the next best thing…
I found the best article about it. 

Below is 10 recommendations from pencils to gels, as well as price points from drugstores to high end. Read it and decide for your self. My only advice though is to stay away from the “Water proof” ones, I know there is a couple in there. And as far as my very own favorite? Hands down the Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner, the felt tip makes it easy to apply and control. Enjoy!


FYI:These Oil-Free Eyeliners Are Perfect for Lash Extensions
Original Article from

It’s probably apparent from our Instagram feeds and numerous articles on the subject that we love experimenting with eyeliner. Whether we’re playing around with bright, bold colors or practicing Ariana Grande’s cat-eye technique, you can pretty much count on us to be trying out the latest tips and products to elevate our eye looks.

Of course, nabbing the perfect formula is key, especially if you have lash extensions. While most of us might not consider whether or not our favorite pencil liner contains oil, it’s especially crucial for people with falsies. It turns out that oil and eyelash glue don’t exactly mix, so if you want your extensions to last, you’ll have to stick to an oil-free formula. Even if you don’t have lash extensions, these oil-free eyeliners are 10 of our all-time favorites, so you’ll want to read on.


Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner $25
The possibilities are endless considering this eye crayon comes in 40 different shades. They come in matte, shimmer, satin, and glitter finishes and a variety of colors that could keep us entertained for days. Try smudging one of the bolder shades all over your lid for a reprieve from your everyday makeup look.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner $20

Luckily, finding an oil-free formula doesn’t mean having to give up liquid liner. The ultra-fine brush tip on this liner from Kat Von D allows for a super-precise, even line that won’t smudge throughout the day. In addition to being oil-free, it’s also cruelty-free, which is something we can definitely get behind.


Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner $21

This waterproof liner earns the name Always Sharp thanks to its built-in sharpener which ensures that its precise tip stays intact. The kohl is hyperpigmented and waterproof to ensure that it won’t budge no matter what the day entails. Smudge it along your lash line for a natural, barely there look.


Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner $10

Maybelline’s gel liner comes with a brush to save you the hassle of searching for the perfect one on your own. The creamy gel formula is such a dream, you’ll never want to go back to your old pencil. Plus, its rich pigments last up to 24 hours, so there’s no need to worry about touch-ups throughout the day.


Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner $10
According to some Ulta buyers, this liquid liner from Soap & Glory rivals the quality of its higher-end counterparts. The versatile marker tip allows for a subtle, thin line, or a bold, exaggerated one, depending on your mood. As the name Supercat indicates, it was practically invented for creating the perfect cat eye.


Essence Long-Lasting Eye Pencil $2
This super-smooth pencil glides across the lid effortlessly. Essence promises it will last for hours upon hours without smudging. “Stays all day and doesn’t smear. I have very watery eyes and it doesn’t run like most eyeliners I have used,” one Ulta buyer confirms.


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $27
Infused with intense pigments, this liner applies as precisely as a liquid but with the ease of a gel. It offers up to 12 hours of waterproof, sweat-resistant wear that doesn’t flake or fade. And considering it has over 1000 five-star reviews on Sephora, we’re not the only fans.


Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner $26
This long-wearing liner promises to last 12 hours without smearing or caking. Its creamy formula allows for a smooth, effortless application that’s easily buildable. “This liner stays on! Rubbing and all,” one Sephora buyer raves.


Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner $20
If you’re looking to go the less-conventional eyeliner route, this glitter offering from Urban Decay will do the job. It contains superfine glitter in a clear base that stays put (so you don’t have to worry about fallout). Wear it alone, or apply it over your favorite shadow for a shimmery finish.


Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner $5
Revlon’s ColorStay formula is made to last up to 16 hours, and we have to say, we’re impressed. It’s precise, pigmented, and waterproof. What more could you ask for? Use the smudge tool on the opposite end for a subtle, smoky effect.

A new Beauty Routine from within.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 2.36.20 PM

So, most of us have a skin care routine right? I’ve had one since the age of 12. Thats why when clients say “Oh my gosh, you look like your in your 20’s!” It’s not just the asian gene, it’s literally because I take good care of my skin.

But ever since I became a mom, I’ve been on the look out for some type of vitamins/supplements that I can take to help improve my health. That’s why I’m glad I came across Hum Nutrition at this years Ipsy Creator Day in LA.

Not only are their products great for you inner health, but most of them are created to support healthy skin. They have a wide range of clinically proven supplements to help with your nails, to increasing your collagen production (hello!) Its Vegan so the products are non GMO- Gluten Free, contains no artificial flavors or preservatives and apparently potent and pure (love getting my moneys worth).

The prices are pretty mid range, one of the most expensive I’ve seen is the “Skin Heroes” $40 for a 30 day supply. But they have packages where you get a discount for buying 3 things, an extra discount if you opt for a “subscription type deal, they also give you $10 off as a new customer, and on top of that you can use a referral code and get another $10 off. You can use mine: 1BB329 (winks).

Collagen Pop

Collagen + Vitamin C Boost Yay!

I was so impressed about what I learned in my research and decided to sign up the same night I learned about them at the event. I signed up for a one year subscription, since I knew I was going to start a supplement routine anyway. Interested? Click here! Don’t forget to use Code:1BB329 to get $10 OFF on top of all the other discounts you’ll get.

After answering a few questions online, I was emailed by a dedicated nutritionist who gave me a little report/summary based on my answers along with her recommendations. Of course, I ended up getting everything and more.

Here’s what I got.

My picks for my first month.

Skin Heroes – Pre+Probiotic – Nurtures the gut and skin (Got this free from the event)

Daily Cleanse – Helps clear your skin and body from toxins

Flatter Me – Supports a flatter stomach and healthy digestion (For all the carbs I eat)

B12 Turbo – Boosts Vitamin B12 ( So I can run around with my son)

Collagen Pop – Premium Marine Collagen + Vitamin C Skin Boost

I took a picture of my skin for my day 1. I will do an update when I am done with my 1st month supply. So excited to start my new beauty routine!


Hum Nutrition is also available at Nordstroms and Sephora.

What supplements are you taking? And what have they improved for you?

Microshading: What is it exactly?


“Microshading”, “Blade and Shade”, or “Combo Brows” amongst it’s other names, is basically a combination of the Microblading and Ombré shading technique. The final look varies depending on your brows, whether you have fine hair, thick hair, or no hair at all, sometimes you’ll see more shading than blading or vice versa. Personally, I prefer this over just Microblading because adding shading to it makes it more blended and natural looking. It can be made dramatic or more natural depending on your preference. To find out if this is the right one for you, I recommend you get an in person consultation with your brow artist. Also, when choosing your brow artist make sure they specialize in the style that you want, there are different variations of Microshading, so picking the artist that does the shape and style you like consistently, will gives you more chances of your procedure going flawlessly.

Microshading prices vary by artist location, training and experience. It can go anywhere from $350 to $1000+ . Micro shading at Beautyholic Studio is currently $450 includes 6-8 week touch up.

Which Eyelash Extension Set is best for me?


One of the most common questions I get specially from clients who are new to eyelash extensions is “What do you think I should get?”. I always respond with an explanation of the differences between the sets, to help them understand and make decision.

Before I begin though, I would like to make sure I stress the importance of being “realistic” with your lash goals. Eyelash extensions are applied on top of your own natural lashes, so if you have 20 lashes on each eye, realistically, about 15 to 18 of that are lash-able. Why can’t all of them be lashed? Well, some of your lashes are thinner, shorter, farther or curlier than the rest, sometimes they grow too high on your lash bed, and sometimes they are facing the opposite direction. Lashing these weak or stray lashes will only cause it to fall out faster or ruin the shape of your set.

Also, how we determine what length and width to apply depends on the condition of your lashes.  Shorter, thiner, more sparse lashes would have to be kept shorter and lighter. While longer, thicker, fuller natural lashes can handle more dramatic lengths and widths. So again, having a more realistic lash goal is best to keep in mind when getting eyelash extensions so you are not disappointed with the result. If “Super Crazy Mega Dramatic Volume” is what you want and your natural lashes are sparse, short and thin, then you are better off with lash strips. Forcing longer, thicker, more volumized extensions on your natural lashes will only  fall off faster and may ruin your lashes altogether.

Classic, Hybrid, Volume, Mega Volume? If you are not a Lash Artist, chances are, these are all just words to you. So, I have created illustrations to help me better explain them:


Staring it off with your natural eyelashes. I made it really simple and clear so you’ll have a better understanding in the following images.



The “CLASSIC” eyelash extension is the most natural enhancement for your eyes.
1 eyelash extension is placed on top of each one of your natural lash. This can be kept very natural by applying thiner, lighter, shorter, less curled extensions. It can also be made more dramatic by applying thicker, longer, more curled extensions. Again all this depends on the condition of your natural lashes.


My personal favorite . The “Hybrid” also, known as “Volume Mix”.  This is a combination of the Classic and the Volume where 1 and  3 or more lashes are placed onto of each of you natural lash.  It allows for a little more drama without making it look to fake or feel heavy.


If you want drama, “Volume” is for you. 3 or more eyelash extensions are placed on top of each of your natural lashes. The lashes that are used for the Volume is smaller in diameter than the ones used for classic. That way more can be placed on top of each of your natural lash with out weighing down. MEGA VOLUME

Well the name says it all! “Mega Volume”, I think this is also called “Russian Volume” I could be wrong. For this set, 6 or more eyelash extensions are placed on top of each of your natural lashes. The lashes that are used for the Mega Volume is even smaller in diameter than the ones used for Volumes, this way even more can be placed on top of each of your natural lash with out weighing down. Results in fluffy, bold, dramatic eyelash extension set.

Now that you know a little bit about the the differences, you can make your decision on what to get. Keep in mind that the prices vary per set. Obviously, the more dramatic (the more time and work for the lash artist) the more expensive.

Also, many of these sets have different names, sometimes a particular brand will die it their own name, so just compare it with the number of extension I illustrated.

You also wanna take in consideration the “Aftercare” for the lashes, the thicker they are the more careful you have to be. And a very important thing to consider is your “Maintenance” this is your “Refill” Most lash places will have their own policy on when and what is considered a refill. Can you keep up with coming in every certain amount of time? And how affordable is it?

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, or if you have a useful information you’d like to add. You can message me on IG @BeautyholicStudio.

This post is based on my experience. I am aware that there are other descriptions/methods out there.

Illustration by me. Daren Romey

You have permission to use my article as long as you credit and tag:
Daren Romey @BeautyholicStudio

The Fall Shed is coming!

Know what to expect, and book your appointments sooner!

Many experience heavier lash shedding in the fall and winter months, and it’s completely normal.
Article by: Sugarlash Pro

There are so many reasons to love fall. Red and yellow leaves coat the sidewalks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes steam from gloved hands, and the crazy summer schedules finally wind down—plus any excuse to buy new boots is OK in my books. But the weather isn’t the only thing transitioning this season—your lashes are changing too.

On average, people will lose between 1 and 5 lashes every day. This is because at any given point in time, you have lashes in every stage of growth—from baby lashes just appearing, to mature lashes ready to shed. A single lash normally takes months to complete its growth cycle, but in fall and winter that cycle can shift, and lashes may shed more frequently. So if your clients come in for their fill appointments complaining their lashes are falling out, don’t panic! We’ve got a little insight for you and your clients, so you can both float through this season like the smell of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.


Why our lash cycle changes in fall isn’t entirely known, but it’s thought that the beginning of this change actually happens mid-summer. On average, the cycle of a single lash lasts somewhere between 60 and 90 days, with the active growth (Anagen) phase lasting 15-20 days, the transitional (Catagen) phase lasting 14-21 days, and the resting (Telogen) phase lasting 30-45 days. During summer, intense heat may trigger more lash hairs to go into the resting phase, halting growth, and causing them to fall out over the next month or two.

Additionally, changes in humidity that occur in the autumn months can play a role in your lashes’ growth cycle. If your skin is very dry, your hair follicles (located just under the skin) don’t get the nourishment they need for your lashes to grow. This causes brittle lashes that are more likely to fall out before their time is up.




10 things you need to know before getting your lips tattooed


I saw this article on Allure and I thought it’s helpful considerations before you get your permanent makeup on.

By: Renee Jacques


By: Renee Jacques @reneejacques

Ever since Kylie Jenner did for lips what Cara Delevingne did for brows (i.e., started the whole the-fuller-the-better trend), people have been searching for the single product or procedure that will help them achieve that same plumped-up look. We know that Jenner’s lips are the result of injections—and one of the latest trends is nearly as extreme: lip tattoos.
After a brave writer for Australian Cosmopolitan got her lip liner tattooed on, we needed to know more about this procedure. We asked Amy Kernahan, a permanent-makeup artist in New York City who’s tattooed brows, eyelids, and lips for ten years, to fill us in (no, not literally). Here are the ten things you should know if you decide to enter the world of permanent makeup, according to her.

Lip tattoos are meant to enhance lips, not create actual fullness. This procedure is designed to define lips, not to create volume or puffiness, says Kernahan. “It will just give you the appearance of a full lip,” she says. “Since part of the process is outlining right on the border of the lip, I’m only helping to give your lips the appearance that their fuller.” It’s all about the illusion.

The tattoo doesn’t just go around your lip like traditional lip-liner application. “I do an outline on the border of the lip, but I’m also shading the color down into the middle of the lip in a circular motion to give it more of a blended look,” says Kernahan. “I leave the interior part of the lip without color.”

It’s possible to get a color that’s close to your natural lip color—but that means it won’t last as long. “The more natural the color, the more frequent your touch-ups are going be,” says Kernahan. “If someone comes in and says, ‘I love my color; I just want it to be a hint more,’ they’re probably going to have to come in once a year for touch-ups to refresh that color.” Kernahan suggests tattooing your lips one or two shades darker or brighter depending on your natural skin tone.

Most places use pigment instead of traditional tattoo ink (which is why it fades). Years ago, permanent makeup was applied with regular tattoo ink. That’s why it often looked so unnatural. “When you get a body tattoo, it’s usually done with ink, which has a very watery consistency,” says Kernahan. “Pigment is thicker, so it gives that more natural powdery finish. But it does exfoliate out of your skin after 12 to 18 months. And since you eat and drink with your lips, it’s going to happen faster.”

Yes, it’s painful. Lips are especially sensitive, so if you’re considering getting this done, you may want to pay extra for an anesthetic to block the pain. “Since lips are very vascular, I share office space with a plastic surgeon and my patients have the option of paying an extra $150 for that,” says Kernahan. “If they choose to have an anesthetic, I can get the procedure done much faster.”

The healing process takes about ten days. Kernahan advises her patients getting lip tattoos to schedule the procedure for a Thursday, so they can let the swelling and dryness die down over the weekend. “The lips will look very dry and chapped as they heal,” says Kernahan. “The color gets lighter, and then as the skin heals, it comes back. You usually see the full, truest color after about two weeks.”

If you’re prone to cold sores, make sure you’re taking medication to prevent them. “The stimulation from the needle can bring out cold sores and that can really ruin the procedure and make the healing process much worse,” says Kernahan.
It doesn’t work on every skin tone. “I have to turn away a lot of people that have that darker skin tones, because they can hyperpigment. The needle abrades the skin, so when they heal, a lot more pigment is produced, and their lips could actually get darker,” she explains.

Lip-liner tattoos lasts longer than temporary lip fillers but cost more. Temporary lip fillers cost anywhere from $750 to $950, and they last for six to nine months. Kernahan initially charges $950 for the lip-liner tattoo procedure, and it’s a two- or three-step process. She charges $200 for the second visit. And for yearly touch-ups, she charges $350.

If you don’t like your tattoo, you can get it removed with a laser. “If anyone asks me to tattoo outside of their lip line, I won’t do it. If they don’t like their natural lip line, I tell them to go get a filler first,” says Kernahan. And if you absolutely hate your lip-liner tattoo, there are laser treatments that can sometimes remove the color. But that involves more money and more pain.

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Not all lashes are created equal!

By: Dana Oliver Executive Fashion And Beauty Editor, The Huffington Post

Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. (We barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler!) So it’s no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years.

But to what lengths are you willing to go for a sexy flutter like Adele or Katy Perry have? Actress Kristin Chenoweth had an allergic reaction to lash glue that contained formaldehyde, and she ended up with “eyelid lips.” Ouch!

Feeling a bit apprehensive about trying this beauty treatment? We asked lash expert Courtney Akai to debunk the myths of lash extensions.

Applying a full set of lashes takes about two hours, and can be maintained year-round with touch-ups recommended every three to four weeks

What are the most common types of lash extensions?

There are three types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Lengths of the lashes range from 6mm to 17mm. Once selected, the lashes are applied one at a time using a specially formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye or damage the natural lash. However, since allergic reactions are possible, there are different types of glue based on one’s sensitivity.

How long does it take to apply lash extensions?

Applying a full set of lashes takes about two hours, and can be maintained year-round with touch-ups that are recommended for every three to four weeks. A half set of lashes is an economical alternative to achieve a similarly dramatic effect, applied as filler to thicken natural lashes, or applied outward from the eye for a specialized look.

Everyone has different lashes, and depending on the condition of your own natural lashes, lash experts can only go a certain length or thickness. (This is to ensure that your own lashes remain healthy.) For example, if your natural lashes are on the shorter, thinner side, you won’t be able to get a crazy, dramatic Kim Kardashian look, because it won’t last. It’s better to start out with a half set (50 to 60 percent of your top lashes) if you aren’t sure or it’s your first time. It’s easier to add more than to remove lashes!

What happens if glue gets in your eyes?

Since your eyes are shut the whole time lash extensions are being applied, no glue should ever get into your eye. To avoid any irritation, however, the first safety precaution you can take is to be sure that the glue is safe for your eyes and doesn’t contain anything that can harm them, like formaldehyde.

Additionally, it’s important to understand the difference between an allergic reaction and an infection. A licensed and experienced lash technician will not let an infection occur, but if you’re allergic to the glue, you’re still going to be allergic — this doesn’t mean the glue is inherently harmful.

Can you go blind?

No. Your technician should be trained properly to apply the adhesive and lashes in a way that is completely harmless. Your eyes are closed the entire time of the procedure. No matter how bad an allergic reaction may get, you will never go blind. The worse case scenario is that you need to go to the eye doctor to get specific eye drops to treat an allergic reaction.

What happens when you cry during application?

If you experience any burning or discomfort during the procedure, causing your eyes to tear or make you cry, this is a huge red flag and you should certainly speak up. You may need to have your technician change the glue. Getting lash extensions should be a completely pain-free experience.


How often do you need to get lash extensions redone?

Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. That said, because each person’s lash growth is somewhat variable (just hair growth), I suggest light lash maintenance every three to four weeks to maintain a full look.

Do lash extensions fall out over a certain period of time?

Since each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, they will fall out naturally along with the natural growth cycle of each lash. We recommend a touch-up every three to four weeks.

When an inexperienced professional applies lashes, he or she often applies one synthetic lash to three to four natural lashes, causing clumps or the lash to break and fall out. In addition, your lashes might fall out if you pick at them or try to pull them out yourself, which is a big no-no. But if you avoid those two problems, your lashes should stay intact.

Can you shower or swim right away? Are there products you should absolutely avoid?

Keep water away from your lashes for the first 12 to 24 hours after application or touch-ups. Water can weaken the adhesive before it is set and cause lashes to fall off. The after-care varies depending on the glue used. For instance, with glue for sensitive eyes, oil-based products or makeup removers around the eye area are not recommended. Using water-proof mascara on the extensions is not recommended for any type of glue, as it is hard to remove and can actually pull off the lashes prematurely when trying to take it off.

Is it OK to also wear mascara?

If you are planning to wear mascara in addition to the extensions, only use it on the tips of the extensions and with a very light hand. This will be enough to give your eyes that “pop” along with the extensions. Using mascara at the base of the extensions will get very clumpy.

*Daren’s Tip:
Avoid waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is harder to remove, therefore it will stay on your lashes weighing it down and collection dead skin cells, makeup, dust, dirt, etc.

Will your natural lashes get harmed or damaged?

The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes. If lashes are applied properly and to each individual lash, they won’t fall out.

What questions should you ask when searching for a reputable salon or professional?

Because of the sensitive nature of the lashes and the surrounding area, finding someone who is certified to apply the lashes is definitely a must. Professionals use professional products and have been properly trained to apply the lashes without damaging your natural lashes or more importantly, your eyes.

Just like you would with a hairstylist, research who you want to go to and how long they have been working as a technician. Look at before-and-after photos, read reviews and always make sure they are licensed and lash-certified.

Article from the Huffington Post Originally published on May 17, 2013 by Dana Oliver.