Eyelash Extensions

Cleaning/Removal $30 (20-30 minutes)
Must be added on if you currently have left over lash extensions applied by another lash artist. 

Keratin Lash Lift/Tint $75/$10 (50 Minutes)
A Chemical treatment that adds a semi-permanent curl to your lashes. Lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

Classic Eye Lash Extensions $120 (60 minutes)
1 Eyelash extension is carefully applied on to[ of your natural lash/ Up to 80 lashes per eye. Lasts 3 to 5 weeks.

Signature Eye Lash Set $130 (75 minutes)
The Beautyholic Signature Lash Set is created by combining different curls. lengths and widths and some 2D strands to achieve a full and whispy look. Perfect for those who are looking for a little extra drama. I will enhance your lashes to the max without sacrificing the health of your lashes.

Hybrid Eyelash Set $150 (90 minutes)
Also known as “Volume Mix” is a combination of 1 extension and 3 extensions per your natural lash, resulting in a semi-dramatic effect that mimics a “Natural False Eyelash Strip”.

Volume Eyelash Set $200 (120+ minutes)
If you are looking to triple the look of your lashes or the look of “False Eyelash Strips” then Volume is for you.

REFILLS (Prices vary per original set applied 45 minutes minimum)
Cleaning, removal and replacement of old-grown out lashes, and the ones that have fallen off. Resulting in a fresh looking new set.

“Full Set” applies to your clean-natural eye lashes that are extension free. If you have
“left overs” from your previous lash application that was applied by someone else, that will have to be “removed” first before I can apply a “Full Set”. The removal fee is $30.