When To Choose Permanent Makeup

When To Choose Permanent Makeup

Let’s face it, not everyone wakes up bright eyed and fresh faced, ready to jump into the day.  Many times we won’t even leave the house without “putting our eyes on” with mascara and eyeliner.  If this sounds all too familiar, considering permanent makeup may be just the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Permanent makeup, clinically known as micro pigmentation, is typically applied around the eyes, eyebrows, and lip areas of the face.  Dye that is injected into the skin much like a tattoo, creates permanent contours where applied. Eyeliner that perfectly rims the eye, and brows that forever frame the face, are popular choices for permanent makeup. 

The versatility of permanent makeup is that it can be applied to be almost undetectable, giving just a refined hint of definition for a natural day look. Often times permanent makeup is a good option for women and men who have experienced hair loss in eyebrows, providing a realistic appearing solution that will not smear or smudge.  Similarly, people who experience lip discoloration or shape irregularity can also have permanent lip liner applied in order to achieve their desired look on a day to day basis.

Permanent makeup has also found popularity among athletes.  Not only do these women undergo intense training schedules, but the perspiration from training and playing sports can cause traditional makeup to run, potentially causing burning and irritation in the eyes.  By choosing permanent eyeliner and brow shading, female athletes can feel comfortable and professional without the worry and hassle of maintaining their look while avoiding possible damage to the eyes. 

For those who have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies to various ingredients found in traditional makeup, permanent makeup offers freedom from irritation and added expenses.  Many such candidates for permanent eye makeup procedures are undergoing the process due to the fact that traditional eye makeup causes allergic reactions that are painful to endure and costly to correct.

If you suffer from chronically red and watery eyes caused by eyeliner products, permanent makeup could be the best option for you. In most cases, the dye used in micro pigmentation does not contain the same allergens as traditional makeup products, making it rare that people experience an allergic reaction to the permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup offers real women real choices for creating the look they want without the hassle they don’t need.  No longer just for A-list stars and runway models, permanent makeup is an affordable and popular mainstream trend.  Professional permanent makeup artists at Beautyholic Studio by Daren Romney can answer all of your beauty questions and provide you with the permanent makeup style of your dreams.

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