Lash Serum, the Answer to Healthy Eyelashes

Lash Serum, the Answer to Healthy Eyelashes

Most women will tell you that if they could only pick one makeup item that they could not live without, they would choose their masccar.  How many times have you heard yourself saying things like “I can’t leave the house without my mascara on’?  Lashes tend to be the single most important aspect of make-up routines because they create a mini-eyelift, giving the face a more awakened and vibrant appearance.

While mascara may be always within an arm’s reach, it is no longer our only option for obtaining the lash look that we crave. Our society’s love affair with eyelashes has spawned an entire sector of the beauty industry which continues to create innovative lash products. 

With so many new products on the shelves, it can actually be difficult to navigate the many new products on the market that promise to grow, strengthen, darken, and rejuvenate eyelashes. However, professionals at Beautyholic Studio  suggest that understanding the aspects of your natural lashes and what it is you’d like to achieve, will help you find the product or service that will achieve your goal.

For instance, if your lashes are damaged, look for products that contain protein, and if your lashes are very fine, pick a product with collagen to plump them up.  Various products offer specific solutions to deficiencies that may be the cause unhealthy eyelashes.

In order to restore as well as maintain lash health, moisture is essential.  Moisturizing is key in keeping lashes in optimum health as without it they are prone to breakage.  Well moisturized lashes tend to hold their own without the addition of mascara, something that can actually cause them to eventually become dry and brittle.

Lash growth serum is a product that is infused with moisturizing components that penetrate the lashes and deliver moisture and essential nutrients that promote growth. Lash growth serum is gentle enough to become part of a daily routine, and can even be used while wearing lash extensions.

Packed with natural extracts, these serums strengthen lashes and protect them from the elements that can cause them to dry and break . Using lash serum may increase the amount of days that you feel confident without wearing mascara, as the eyelashes appear rejuvenated and health.

However, if you simply love the look of your mascara, lash growth serum will provide balanced conditioning for your eyelashes. If you’d like to give lash serum a try, Beautyholic Studio recommends Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields, Grande Lash, Rapid Lash, and Lavish Lash to be the most effective and affordable products on the market. Whether you are a full on eyelash glam girl, or one who prefers to go au natural, or someone somewhere in between, incorporating a quality lash growth serum into your beauty routine will ensure that your lashes are in tip top shape.  Lash professionals at Beautyholic Studio can offer personal assistance on what lash product will help you achieve your dream lash look.

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