Generation Beauty LA 2016


It was my first time attending Generation Beauty 2016 in LA. Held at their usual spot the Event Deck of LA Live in the heart of Los Angeles, on 1/30 -1/31/2016. I know for sure it will not be the last. It was enjoyable just to be around men and women with the same passion as I do. The energy was contagious and very positive, I wish I was surrounded by beautiful people like them every day.

The event was pretty well organized, even with a full on rain on Sunday they were well prepared. Saturday was busy but Sunday seemed even busier.

My first and probably most important advice will be: DRESS COMFORTABLY and Bring the smallest bag you can. Above anything else, your shoes should be comfortable. I was wearing flat boots and my feet still hurt. This should be your priority. I know we all wanna look cute, and show off our style in person with our fellow Beautyholics but the truth is, that you will be standing in line  from beginning to end. And you will be adding more and more stuff to your bag.  I saw so many cute ladies with awesome outfits, but looked dreadful in line. (You will get a big bag from a vendor when you get there so no need to bring a huge bag of your own)

Also, I missed out on a few things I really wanted because of the crazy lines that kept on closing, so if there is something that is really important to you, I suggest to come super early and get your self in the beginning of the line. Also don’t put off your favorite brand, even though the staff will say that they have enough freebies for everyone, the best and most popular ones are guaranteed to run out first. I missed out on two things I was really looking forward to getting:

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation
They were giving out a full size bottle after they color match you so of course everyone was there,  the staff had to keep cutting off the line because it kept getting too packed, I was a never able to get in line. I figured I had till Sunday to do it  but Sunday was even worse. By the end of the day I couldn’t get in line anymore because they had given out numbers to put a cap on the amount of people they can give samples to before the event ends.

Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Bon Bon Palette
I wasn’t able to get this one either because of the line, and they didn’t have enough for everyone. I heard that they only had this available for the first 100 people, so this is why you wanna get there early. I did get the Lip Melt in Chocolate Cherries & Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate  which I ended up loving.

How to maximize your haul in this 2 day event:
Okay, so you get two tickets, one for each day, on day 1 they give you your badge and a  sort of a booklet containing “Tear Off” stamps that is basically your ticket to get your freebies. Some people say that is for the whole weekend, I do not know if that is true, becuase on Sunday, when I registered with my Sunday ticket, I didn’t wear my badge from the day before, so they gave me a new badge that contained another booklet. So then I had 2 booklets, 1 half used and 1 brand new. This allowed me to get 2 samples from each vendor I haven’t used. And one more sample from the ones I have already used on Saturday! Yup! 2 samples each brand! Imagine if I were able to get into MUFE? yeah I’m really bummed about that.

Generation Beauty - Beauty Creator Badge.

Beauty Creator Badge, and my un-used MUFE ticket.

Game plan for the next Generation Beauty:
Early bird really gets the worm here, so my plan is to get there and be in line at least 3 hours before the event starts. Do my research on who will be there specially the major brands and what I really wanna score, and make sure I get into those lines. Make a list of my priorities and follow them, this include who I wanna meet and what time their “Meet up” is. Also, I plan to use up all the stamps/tickets this time. And take more pictures, I really did a poor job taking pictures on this one, but hey! I was too excited to be there.

Overall it was a great experience, I am looking forward to the next one!

Are you planning to attend Generation Beauty this year? What are you most excited about?


My Generation Beauty LA 2016 Haul


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